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Louise is a natural born performer. With a wealth of experience in modeling and acting.

about-louiseLouise Cliffe is an international model, actress and singer. Born and brought up in the North of England, Louise has come a long way from the timid girl who could barely answer her name in the school register. Louise’s unique and striking looks naturally ensured that a successful modeling career would find her.

Louise has traveled all over the world appearing on the catwalk, in commercial advertising campaigns and in high fashion showcases in London, Paris, Milan, Madrid, Berlin, Dubai and Miami. From naturally sexy and super-feminine to edgy and androgynous, Louise is dynamic and versatile.

Dubbed ‘The English Snow White’ because of her silky, porcelain skin, jet-black hair and mesmerizing blue eyes, she is becoming one of the UK’s most potential great exports.
Her modeling portfolio includes shoots for some of the world’s leading brands and most talked about photographers, including Andy Lesauvage, Alan Strutt, Willy Camden, James Nader and Gavin O’Neill.

After winning Miss Manchester in 2006, Louise joined the renowned Manchester School of Acting where she was quickly snapped up by 20th Century Fox to play a role in a slasher horror movie. This led to her discovery by Universal Pictures and Louise showed the world that her talents could be adapted to the silver screen when she played a nuclear scientist in the disaster movie ‘Annihilation Earth’. Since then Louise has become a TV Personality and has worked with a number of the UK’s premiere film production companies boosting celebrities such as Pamela Anderson to boast that, “she could be the next “Wonder-woman.” Louise is a natural born performer. With a wealth of experience in modeling and acting Louise is now focusing on her current passion, music. 



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